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We hope you get some!

Sunshine that is. As the summer wanes, there are a few more opportunities to get some of that Michigan sunshine before the leafs turn orange. Natchez Trace got some sun, fun and fresh air gigs this summer. It was wonderful seeing friendly faces we hadn't seen in a while. Thanks for coming out, it was heartwarming to see you again. We have just a couple more dates on the calendar at the moment. We'll be in South Haven soon for a KOA Campground sing a long. (We like our marshmallows toasty brown.) Unfortunately, this is a members only gig. (You should plan a party too!) The next public show is at the perfect fall venue, Crane's Apple Orchard, Pie Factory, Restaurant and Winery in Fennville. We play from 1:00-4:00. What could be better! Get this on your calendar. Meanwhile, we still hope you get some!

Peace, Love & Hickeys,

Natchez Trace

Ronnie, Stevie, Robbie & Rexie

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