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Well, Dang It!

Our highly anticipated gig at the exciting new high end spot, Finn's rooftop bar in Spring Lake this Friday has been cancelled. Don't panic, nothing is wrong except for the fact that the furniture for the rooftop bar has not been delivered. No furniture, no party. Rats. That's the way the cookie crumbles. Could be worse. So, we have no immediate gigs to put on your radar at the moment, though we have been talking to a few venues. When we have something you should know about, we will let you know. Until then, stay safe, get groovy, and enjoy these sultry late summer days. We truly hope to see you soon.

Peace, Love and Modulations,

Natchez Trace

Robin, Steve and Ronn

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1 comentario

Denise VanEck
Denise VanEck
25 ago 2021

No!!!! I was planning on it!

Me gusta
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