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Taking a Break...

Hello Friends of Natchez Trace,

First, we hope you, and yours, are well. We care a great deal about our music loving friends. That is one of the reasons why we are hitting the "pause button" as the band takes a break from playing music the rest of the summer. We simply don't feel comfortable bringing our loved ones together at the risk of someone getting sick. As for when we'll resume playing music, we're not sure. We'll take it as it comes and make the decision as a band with the best interests of everyone in mind. Know that we miss playing for you. Thinking of all the great times we've had together makes us smile ear to ear. Until next time, play it safe. But, play it!

Peace, Love and Harmony,

Natchez Trace

Stevie, Robbie, Ronnie and Rex the Roadie

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1 Comment

Jer Bear
Jer Bear
Jul 21, 2020


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