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Hello, Grand Haven!

Natchez Trace is excited to play in Grand Haven's own Central Park on Tuesday, 8/17/21, from 7:00-8:30. It's going to be a beautiful night, so pack your picnic basket, grab your chair and meet your friends for good times in the open air. Natchez Trace specializes in acoustic classic songs you can sing-along to. We focus on harmony and one thing we know for sure: music is good for the soul. We can't wait to see your soul shine, too. See you Tuesday at 7:00! (Central Park is located between Washington and 421 Columbus Ave., Grand Haven.)

Peace Out. Be Yourself. Let it all hang out ~(within reason, lol!)

Love Ya, Man!

Natchez Trace,

Ronnie, Robbie & Stevie Dee

P.S. Shout out to WGHN local radio and J.W.'s Food & Spirits for keepin' it real!

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